Most patients come to me because they hear that I’m not a “cracker”.  I don’t “crack” necks.  I don’t “pop” joints.  I don’t “cure” or “treat,” either.  I adust.  And when I adjust, I use an instrument called an Integrator.  It’s not as famous or as well-known as an Activator.  It’s not a stapler or a clicker or a hammer or a mini pogo stick.

Adjusting Instrument

Semantics?  My word-nerd tendencies again?  Yes.

Chiropractic means “done by hand.”   It’s communication through touch.   An adjustment is done to add energy in a specific direction, with a controlled force and clear intent.  To adjust means to clear the interference that stress adds to your nervous system.  When your nervous system is compromised, your brain and body can’t send or receive clear signals for proper health and function.    When you receive an adjustment, you revive your ability to self-heal.

So why the Integrator?  The Integrator is precise, fast, and pain-free.  There’s no muscle tension to overcome.  If you’ve been adjusted manually, and you’re trying to relax, but you know you’re tight, it never helps when the chiropractor says “Ok, now just relax . . . ”       Using the Integrator allows me to directly influence your nervous system.  It sends a clear signal to your brain that blocks the stress of life and lets you heal, rest, digest and release pain.

So let’s get this clear:  it’s not about “moving the bones.”  Or “getting the crack.”  Chiropractic here is about neurology, and what YOUR nervous system needs to heal and repair, whether it’s from an old trauma or injury or as recent as this morning, when you reached down to put on your sock, and “Argh!  My back just went out!”

Chiropractic here is also about the neurology of re-wiring the brain and body of someone with ADHD, or someone who’s had a stroke, or someone who has fibromyalgia and constant pain.

How do I check your neurology?  I watch how you walk, how you move, how you breathe, and how efficient your body is “in motion.”  If you’re not efficient, you’re wasting energy and resources.  (And you wonder why you’re tired all the time!)  The adjustment is then based on what will help your nervous system’s overall function, leading to better health.  (And less back pain, neck pain, and fewer headaches!)  Improving function is also why kids with ADHD can focus better after an adjustment, or why getting adjusted after a stroke is so important!

For your convenience, you can click the link below to print out our new patient paperwork before your first visit!

HFC New Patient paperwork

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